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What is face yoga?

For those who are looking for all-natural ways to beat aging, face yoga is the perfect answer.

Face yoga is a form of facial exercise where you exercise the muscles of the face.

Face Yoga helps you to:

Relieve tension in neck and face

Achieve tighter, firmer facial skin

Improve circulation to facial muscles

Achieve glowing radiant face

Smooth out Wrinkles

Reduce dark circles and puffiness around eyes

Reduce fine lines and Wrinkles in face

Reduce sagging

Look beautiful the natural way with Face Yoga

Face Yoga poses draw freshly oxygenated blood to the face, making the skin rosy, eliminating bloating, reducing toxins and dullness. The poses also stimulate and regulate hormonal functions, thereby prolonging youth and countering ageing. Face Yoga can do wonders for your skin. It can do wonders for your facial muscle. By detoxifying and reducing cortisol levels, Face Yoga prevents pimples and acne, and also giving the face an attractive glow. Mansi Gulati, commonly hailed as “Lady Baba Ramdev” in India, is an expert in the field of Face Yoga. Learn the art of Face Yoga from Mansi. Stop piling up fat on the cheeks and end up with a double chin. Mansi’s face yoga exercises will help burn down excess fat, resulting in a toned and chiselled face!

Types of face yoga

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Mansi Gulati

Mansi Yoga

Mansi Gulati is an International Yoga exponent, who has worked and actively campaigned for the novel concept of ‘Face Yoga’.

She champions this concept as a natural exercise for the facial muscles and upper shoulders in addition to various other yoga exercises.

Mansi Gulati Yoga Expert

Highlights Of Mansi !

  • Showcased in multiple episodes for IndiaToday, India’s famous print and digital magazine.
  • Earned letter of appreciation from Governor of Gujarat, Governor of Haryana, Governor of Maharashtra, and from Minister of Human Resources, Govt of India.
  • Published book “Yoga and Mindfulness” in July 2018
  • Published book “Miracles of FaceYoga” in March 2021
  • Performed in India’s biggest news channel, ZeeTV, and conducted lessons on their television channel for International Yoga Day.
  • Performed at various Indian megaevents like the Kumbh alongside famous Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Mansi Yoga

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